While I easily remember my first actual experiences with the ocean (staring in awe at the wide blue expanse that reached all the way to China; sucking my breath in, squealing and thrilled, as the first wave hit my legs; feeling my toes sink in the sand as the wave receded; being brave enough to wade out and dunk my head under an on coming wave; the incredible daring I believed it took to body surf and the unbelievable sense of pride when I finally tried), it’s harder to remember how I felt before ever encounting the majesty itself. I have far off memories of stories my dad would go fishing for tuna, which he called albacore and brought home in cans, to be delightfully devoured; my parent’s friends had a house on the beach where we would one day visit, to walk along the canada goose outlet sale cheap canada goose canada goose outlet online sand at sunset and look for shells and beach glass but I believe it was having the book «Blueberries for Sal» read to me as a young child which taught me a deep and abiding and visceral love for the ocean.

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